Our new training and indoor playroom 

1. Will I have to drive my dog to the new location for boarding ?NO. All pets go to REDLANDS ROVER RANCH to check in. The Wag Wagon will transport your dog to ROVER RANCH TRAINING CENTER. There is no charge for transport between locations. We will return your dog to Redlands on his departure date so he will be ready to go when you arrive. If your dog is departing on Saturday or Sunday, the Wag Wagon will transport your pet to your home if you live within our service area. All others will meet us at a convenient designated location.

2. Why are your moving the boarding to another location ? We do not have enough room to accommodate all of our regular boarders at Redands. If we continue to offer boarding only at Redlands, advanced reservations will be required due to popular demand. We will turn away many of our regular clients because we are always full. We hate saying "NO" to our four legged friends.

3. Can my dog go to Daycare in Redlands ? Yes. All week day daycare is at Redlands Rover Ranch. Weekend Daycare is at the Rover Ranch Training Center. All weekend daycare requires Wag Wagon transport. This is due to staffing on weekends and the small number of daycare requests for Saturday and Sunday.

4. Are you moving the Kitty Casita ? No. The KITTY CASITA will remain at Redlands. We have staff members at the Redlands location overnight.

5. When can I visit Rover Ranch Training Center ? Send a text and we will set up an appointment. We are planning an Open House and /or Dog Party for our clients. Details to be announced.

Dog Suites

ROVER RANCH has grown so fast that we are opening another location. The ROVER RANCH in Redlands that you know and love, will remain the same. Our new location is on 8 acres ! Surrounded by parkland on two sides and is only 15 minutes from Redlands.

We are calling the new location ROVER RANCH TRAINING CENTER. We have 6440 square feet of inside space. It is idea for Dog Training and boarding. We can train and play rain or shine. There are outside cage free play areas with synthetic grass and lots of inside space with climate control. If it's too hot or to cold to play outside, there is plenty of room inside. Sue and Richard, the owners and creators of Redlands Rover Ranch, will be living at the new location. Along with their dogs, cat and horses.

REDLANDS ROVER RANCH will be our Doggy Daycare facility and offer sort term overnight boarding. The only exception will be Saturday and Sunday. Doggy Daycare on weekends will be at the new location and require door to door Wag Wagon transport. Extended stay boarding ( with exception of cats) will be at the new location. You will still drop your dogs off at REDLANDS ROVER RANCH. If your pet is  staying over night for more than a few days, we will transport dogs in the WAG WAGON to the new location. We will bring them back to Redlands on their departure date. There is no charge for the van to transport between our two locations. ROVER RANCH TRAINING CENTER has excellent inside overnight facilities. We will be there with your dog all night to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable.


Our new location allows us too greatly expand our training program. Exciting new training events will begin in 2019.

 Opening ROVER RANCH TRAINING CENTER will allow us too always say "YES" to preapproved guests when you need to board your dogs. Even if it's a last minute request or a busy holiday. You can visit ROVER RANCH TRAINING CENTER after December 1, 2018 by appointment.


Our first outside play yard

Our guests in the play yard

Nap on a elevated bed

Families with big and small dogs can share space